Here we have a very heavy Murano Tri Coloured ashtray/trinket bowl, with three wells each with a different colour and covered in clear glass with the sommerson technique.

Its in very good condition for the age with a few scratches on the base, it was made in the 1960s with the three  colours on a clear base(blue,red,green)

Murano Glass is 100% Handcrafted in Venice. Be a part of the centuries-old Venetian tradition!

A piece of the artisan’s heart and soul is captured in every Murano Glass creation. Crafting Murano Glass jewelry, vases, sculptures, chandeliers and other functional and decorative pieces is a complicated process where from silica, minerals, water, and fire Venetian artisans create masterpieces. The methods and techniques they use are centuries old, and artisans train for many years in their fathers’ and grandfathers’ workshops before they can attain a revered status of the maestro or true master of the craft.

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